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3rd Annual Miami BCM "U Got Schooled" Kickball Tournament

Saturday, April 6, 2013


UM Intramural fields 

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Your participation in this kickball tournament will help BCM continue its commitment to service in our community and abroad.

Here are some of our past service projects:

•      BCM has volunteered and collected clothing and hygiene items to donate to Caring For Miami, a non-profit organization that serves the homeless and under-resourced community of downtown Miami.

•      Once a month, BCM partners with Florida Baptist Children’s home, a non-profit organization serving abused, neglected, and orphaned children, to plan fun activities and provide services to residents of the Miami Children’s home.

•      Every year, BCM sends volunteers on trips to extend our service to different parts of the country and the world. In past years, we have partnered with the Bowery Mission, an incredible organization that has been serving the homeless and hungry in New York City since 1879. This year, we will be volunteering in Lisbon, Portugal, assisting with the daily work of permanent volunteers in serving the various needs of the Lisbon community.



Registration can be emailed to

or delivered in person to 1200 Stanford Dr before March 20, 2013

you can call as well: 305.667.1066 


     $75 per team


“U Got Schooled” Kickball Tournament Rules


Game Play


1)   Nine people play on the field.  A minimum of 8 people must be on the field at all times.  You may arrange them in any manner that you choose as long as there is a pitcher and a catcher.  The catcher must play behind home plate.  The pitcher must stay on the spot designated as the pitcher’s mound.  No encroaching! 

2)   All games will be 5 innings or 30 minutes.  No new innings will start after the time cap has been called.

3)   The 10 run rule is effect after completing 4 innings.

4)   Play safely!  No bare feet, sandals, open toe shoes or metal cleats.

5)   Home team keeps official score.




1)   There is no restriction on how to pitch as long as it is done underhanded and the pitcher remains in the pitching circle until after the ball is kicked.

2)   Pitches are not to be bounced.  Any ball that bounces more than one foot will not be accepted and a ball will be called.

3)   The pitch must be rolled into the kicker’s box or it will be called a ball.  Four balls = walk.

4)   No player may be closer to the kicker than the pitcher.  Players must be even to or behind the pitcher.




1)   Each person who played in the field must bat once before a player may bat a second time in an inning.  In other words, you must follow a batting rotation each inning.  Players batting out of order or players not listed in attendance will result in automatic outs.

2)   All kicks must occur at or behind home plate and within the kicker’s box.

a.    1st violation = Redo and warning

b.    2nd violation = Redo and a called strike

3)   Bunting is allowed.

4)   2 strikes = out; 3 fouls = out.

5)   A strike is:

a.    A pitch that is missed by the kicker.

b.    A kick made in front of home plate after being warned.

6)   Kickers are only permitted one touch on the ball, i.e. you cannot trap it once and then kick it. 


Base Running


1)   There is absolutely, positively no stealing bases at any time.  You will be called out if attempting to steal and/or if your foot is not on the base up until the time when the kicker strikes the ball.  No leading off or leaving before the ball is kicked!

2)   Fielders may throw the ball at or below a base runner’s shoulders for an out.  Hitting anyone in the face or head results in an automatic two bases for each base runner.  However, if the runner ducks or throws his or her head into the line of the ball intentionally, no extra bases will be awarded and the runner will be called out.

3)   Runners may tag up. 

4)   The infield-fly rule is not in effect.  However, know that it is considered bad sportsmanship if a fielder intentionally drops a ball in order to lure the runner off the base in an attempt to turn a double play.  Please don’t do that.

5)   Runners may not advance to another base once the pitcher has the ball within the pitcher’s circle.

6)   Sliding is not permitted.




1)   Have your team at the correct field, on time, ready to play.

2)   Maintain order and control of your team.

3)   Trash talking is permitted and encouraged between teams.  However, please recognize the difference between funny and obnoxious.  Remember, we all have to see one another after the tournament, and it is for a good cause.

4)   Team captains must immediately report the game scores to the official score person at the board. 

5)   Tournament organizers have complete authority.  What they say goes.  Don’t argue. 

6)   Tournament organizers reserve the right to eject any player and/or team at any time for unsportsmanlike conduct, and they will receive no refund.

7)   No protests.  Games stand as is.  

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